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Get High On Fashion With Our Authentic & Classy Leather Creations.

About Us

Modern people go for elegant, classy and royal-looking fashionable accessories because they add a touch of class to their look. Needless to cite it is leather based fashionable accessories that make perfect choice for modern people who value beauty, class and investment. To delight modern buyers who are looking for uniquely designed leather fashion accessories, Bharat Tanneries was founded as an exporter and manufacturer in the year 2016, by Mohd. Sahid

The simple idea of pleasing smart buyers with lasting and beautiful leather fashion accessories made the company produce premium-class batch of garments, handbags, gloves and many other products and get its name registered in the list of establishments, which go an extra mile for satisfying customers modern needs.

In the global marketplace, our creations such as Ladies Black Leather Jacket, Mens Brown Leather Wallet, Ladies Sky Blue Leather Pouch, Leaf Printed Leather Sheet, Pure Leather Jacket, Pure Leather Wallet, Pure Leather Gloves, and many more are considered top class because of their fine texture, fabulous design, eye-catchy look and lasting shine. 

Our Promise of Quality 

Our leather items are genuine and unsurpassed in quality for the fact that we check double leather material before and after production. It is the result of strict quality inspection that makes our leather offerings entirely quality based. 

Timeless Leather Creations

Our collection of leather items adds luxury to living. Leather is considered to be a material linked majorly with royalty because of its texture, finish and durability. Unlike most materials, which do not even make upto their promised service period, leather improves with age and it is one of its best qualities that makes buyers invest in leather based products. Our line including Pure Leather Gloves, Mens Brown Leather Wallet, Leaf Printed Leather Sheet, to mention some items is appreciated for the following features:

  • Breathability
  • Comfortable fit
  • Water resistance
  • Impressive aesthetics
  • Attractive scent

Your Reliable Partner

We at Bharat Tanneries believe an ideal partner to every customer is one which understands its needs. Considering this important, we keep domestic and foreign buyers needs pertaining to supreme products quality, prompt delivery, etc., at priority. We keep price of our entire leather collection very reasonable so that buyers can avail cost benefits by making investment in our creations.